Internal Branding

As you well know by now, branding has many layers and functions. When you think about building your brand, zoom out and take a thorough look inside first. The first step to building your brand is to develop your internal branding technique. An internal brand has a simple agenda; to build a culture that engages employees and motivates them to deliver on that promise. Taking a closer look, it's critical that you explore internal branding as a building block to your over arching presence.

Think of internal branding as everything a company has to offer its team in exchange for their time. This motivates employees to align with your brand ethos through mental engagement and your carefully curated value proposition.


External Branding

Communicates your internal branding to the public and is the visual manifestation of how your company exists. External branding brings customer facing activities to the front line and asks the market for their commitment. It can be loosely defined as the sum of all of your marketing efforts from within when they come to life.

In other words, businesses must live up to their clients' expectations at all times. This is critical because it is how customers see, think, experience, relate, and connect with your brand. If you don't do the internal work first, your customers will have very little to attach themselves to, so make sure to work from the inside, out.