Inclusive Digital Economy

In today's new economy, it is critical for brands to begin embedding social impact into the fabrics of their business. While in the past, social impact was only a notion for non-for-profit organisations, but today's businesses have evolved and require them to adhere to core-values with social impact in mind. A social revolution is going to happen. By partnering with social enterprises, businesses can accelerate growth and ensure their operations include a positive humanitarian and environmental impact while staying relevant, cool, and at the edge of global awareness. Thereafter, market penetration will be very different during the next decades. La G Studio studies these micro and macro trends and builds relevance into the brands that we work with.


La G studio has a core principle while working with clients and finding solutions to putting purpose and sustainability at the core of these businesses. Prior to 2020, of course, relevant companies and purpose driven mission statements were at the centre of business. However now, even more so- since, living through the pandemic crisis, it's safe to say this has exposed the many social and economic issues that the world urgently needs to address. Businesses must embrace sustainability and purpose if they’re to help tackle these problems. Furthermore, differentiated targeting will be essential to achieve success and satisfactions.


The circular economy is enabling the transformation to circular business with its critical data components allowing companies to understand their carbon footprint. La G Studio is working with circular economy specialists to vertically integrate in-house as well as for our clients.The circular economy could unlock $4.5trn in economic growth. Micro management, middle management and senior management need to have radical changes, if we want to work according to this new direction. A firm should find the correct way to achieve this growth, a good transparency and a profitable collaboration within other companies. A credible metacommunication between all these layers will be decisive to shape the future of our world.


'The Bottom Line' has been change d to 'The Green Line’ in relevant new economy business models which is meant to address climate action and social responsibility. Traditionally, the top and bottom lines of a business are its most important metrics, followed by profit. In today's new economy, companies need to start treating their “green line” first– the measurement of their environmental efforts – with just as much importance as profit.