Alexandra Pisani

An Extraordinary

Creative Thinking in Entrepreneurship
Future Generation Brand
The Brand Mark

The initial phases of this project required an in-depth  creative analysis to understand the deep roots Alexandra Pisani has in the hospitality, luxury, and lifestyle industry.  La G Studio felt that the perfect juxtoposition for the brand would be one that lies between modern minimalism and those of refined elegant timelessness. We designed a custom script signature set against a strong, structured, and symmetric font which leaves the imagination feeling inspired, fluid, and timeless while extracting a deep sense of luxury and embellished lifestyle.  

Heritage Deeply Rooted in the Details

The Pattern

To further iterate the brand identity and visualisation, we developed a bespoke pattern extrapolating geographical and traditional elements. For this, we choose the national Maltese flower for its beauty, simplicity, delicacy, and welcoming nature. After much research, we felt that by embedding the roots of Alexandra Pisani's heritage in Malta we would have a symbol of her legacy consistently present in the visualisation process. These deep roots were an inevitable cue for our studio to manifest in the branding strategy.

Future Generation Brand
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