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La G Studio had an active role in building the headquarters of Foursight Cardiff, formerly known as Cardiff Stadium Plaza. The asset was acquired by Naissance Capital Real Estate and newly repositioned as a creative hub located in the heart of Wales. La G Studio was onboarded to analyse the building's purpose therefore we focused our attention on diversity in business, divergent thinkingimagination, and continuous innovation. Learning about the history in Cardiff, we quickly noted the importance of community and their labor centric roots paved from steel and industrious traditions. La G Studio felt it critically important to bring people and their history back into the building; revisioning inclusivity through space.

The Brand Mark

FourSight Cardiff was born around the idea of inclusivity and storytelling. La G studio aimed to shift a brick and mortar building into a city centre with the strongest heartbeat. With Channel 4 stepping in as a tenant, we wanted to articulate the great importance of visual and digital storytelling that included the community and the stories of its characters. After studying the traditions of Wales, we learned that labor and hard work lies at the very the pulse of the community. We also envisioned a beautiful collaborative juxtaposition of an ageing population paired with youth programs such as The Prince's Trust to encourage community and business support through shared experiences. The creation of these networks and communal spaces became the central hub for art exhibitions, filmmaking and social integration.

The Simorg

This demonstrative installation light was conceived by the community and assembled as a collaborative installation. In early Persian text, the Simorg was depicted as a mixture of peacock, griffon and lion and symbolised the union of heaven and earth. Its feathers were known to heal deep wounds with a touch and was said to reside in the all-healing tree of knowledge. The Simorg was most famously described in the book, The Conference of the Birds. It is a figurative story of a group of birds that embark on a long journey to find their God. At the end of this journey, the birds reach their destination only to find a mirror. Author and poet, Farid ud-Din Attar left his readers with the moral that we are continually shaping the world around us as a result of conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Reality is but a mirror reflecting on your inner world. 


After Naissance Capital Real Estate acquired Cardiff Stadium Plaza and began rebranding with La G Studio, Aleksa Studio and Design Haus Liberty were commissioned to redesign the interior communal spaces including; The Yard, The Simorg, and the Wellness Rooms.

To capture the newly designed space, photographer Nicholas Wosley was commissioned to conceptually photograph FourSight's installations, architecture and completely modern repurposed interior designed spaces.


The Yard: Happiness Project

Where All Things Come to Grow

Project Development

The Yard is the lobby and communal space that offers public gallery openings, food trucks, cafes, and community curated pop-up shops, alongside media production amenities. Collaboration lies at the nucleus of FourSight and The Yard is a carefully curated space where exhibits and artworks large and small reside. This is where unique visions, businesses concepts, and ideas are nurtured to grow.


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