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The concept behind The Bra Lab is all about accessible modern comfort. The ethos lies heavily in social awareness, ethical manufacturing, and state of the art craftsmenship. Breaking the norms means breaking the rules. La G Studio wanted to make a campaign that embodies a modern women's lifestyle and wardrobe needs. With a patented breakthrough design, the imagery and creative direction relays the message of progress; social, professional, and personal. Womanhood is at the heart of this campaign and modern women have to break some rules to obtain new solutions.

Social Impact

Through this project with The Bra Lab, La G Studio focused on social impact and environmental responsibility. The Bra Lab has chosen to use ethical manufacturers and locally sourced materials to decrease their carbon emission. The materials selected are environmentally conscious such as vegan leather and low/slow colour dyes. La G Studio plans to continuously work with companies and thought leaders to safeguard our environment by choosing sustainable routes of manufacturing and branding.

Ethical Manufacturing and Social Impact

Break the Norm
Break the Rules


We had the great pleasure of collaborating with JC Candanedo of Grey Pistachio based out of London as well as Sebastian KowalskiThe Bra Lab was keen on a campaign that featured a global mindset that would feature the many ways their multi-functional meant-to-be-seen underwear can be featured as outerwear. The open-mindedness of our cherished collaborators was an integral part of our roll-out.


La G Studio was an integral part in the creative roll-out for several campaigns for the Bra Lab. All the content created was conscious of a woman centric state of mind while emphasising the importance of progress and modernity. We felt it critical to eliminate any idea of gender roles in the process. Further, we felt it was equally critical to address the importance of running a diversity centric campaign emphasising on a multicultural presence in all of our campaigns.

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